WrinkAlign Forehead Liners

Unless you are twenty something or less or walk around with no expression on your face all day it is highly likely that you have some frown lines on your forehead.  As a thirty 'ahum' something year old myself with the usual daily stress and emotions I have some small creases that I'd rather were not there.  

Luckily for us Tonya Zavasta has found a way to reverse those frown lines and it doesn’t involve any invasive procedures.

WrinkAlign Forehead Patches:

  • Are an easy yet effective method to reverse deep expression lines
  • Repair wrinkle-damaged skin without the dangers of Botox or other injections
  • Dramatically reduces lines and wrinkles safely and naturally
  • Trains the underlying facial muscles to regain the strength and tone they have lost
  • Can be used day or night; leave on for at least an hour and up to 10 hours for best results
  • Provides continuous moisture: contains 80% moisture for constant moisturization
  • Are comfortable, easy to remove and residual free
How it works?

The WrinkAlign facial liners deliver continuous moisturization to smooth out the forehead and train the skin to stay smooth.

Why it works?

The patches are made from a hydrogel containing 80 percent moisture, with extracts of aloe vera, vitamin E and vitamin B3. The specially formulated gel base contains a network of polymer chains which work as a kind of sustained-release delivery system, continuously providing your skin the nourishing ingredients, helping regulate fluid exchange, keeping the skin underneath the patch continuously moisturized, cool and soothed.

How to use the WrinkAlign Liner
  • The WrinkAlign liner should be used on clean, dry skin right after you wash and have patted your face dry. If you use a face cream; apply it to the rest of your face.
  • Tear open the packet and remove the patch, remove the shiny white film and carefully place the patch in between your eyebrows and up onto your forehead
  • For the first few days wear the WrinkAlign Forehead Patch for a couple of hours during the day
  • Once you’re comfortable wearing the WrinkAlign patch you can start putting it on before bed and wearing it through the night. This is when the results will be most evident.
  • With regular use the patch will smooth your existing wrinkles and creases. What’s more, it will prevent you from frowning during the night and developing new wrinkles in the future.
*Each WrinkAlign patch will stay moisturized for up to 24 hours, so if you want to wear one for a couple of hours during the day, you can still apply the same patch for the following night.

Ingredients: Polyisobutene (polymer), Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (cellulose gum), EDTA-2NA (chelating agent), tartaric acid (occurs naturally in many plants, particular grapes, bananas), Carbomer gel (a water-soluble polymeric resin). Active ingredients are: aloe vera, vitamin E and vitamin B3.

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