Our Vision

Putting real food back on the table

Here at The Raw Greek we strive to discover real foods that our ancestors have thrived on for centuries.  The key fundamentals we search for are:

A profound passion for food and all things close to nature have led us on a tasty journey through Greece poking, nudging and asking locals across the country where the best foods are grown, dried and pressed into the products they can’t live without.   

By purchasing products directly from the source we are able to bring to the table unique pure foods from Greece of the utmost quality and taste.

At present our products include Raw OlivesUnsalted Dried Tomatoes, Raw Unfiltered Honeys, Nuts & Dried fruit and Carob products as well as the Toothsoap and Beautiful on Raw ranges of natural health care products.

We have built good relationships with our suppliers and are confident that our customers are satisfied and come back time and time again.