Why am I required to open a personal account before I can place an order?

We request that you open an account before proceeding with an order in order to make future orders with us faster, through this account you can store incomplete orders for later, store numerous delivery addresses and view previous orders . Customer personal information and address data is stored in a central and secure database that can only be accessed by logging into your account with your password. All credit card details are processed through Sagepay/Paypal and are therefore stored there, we do not have access to any credit card details.

When will my order be despatched?

All orders placed before 5pm will be despatched on the following working day (Monday - Friday). Any orders placed after 5pm GMT will be processed on the following working day and therefore despatched on the next working day after that.

How long will my order take to arrive?

All orders below 2kg in weight are sent using 2nd class mail, therefore from the day the order is sent orders will take up to 3 working days.
All orders above 2kg in weight are sent via courier and are normally delivered within 3-5 working days.

I'm not from the UK, and want to place an order. Are there any restrictions? How much will the postage costs?

With the exception of Juicers all of our products can be ordered from outside the UK. Postage costs for orders outside of the UK are calculated according to weight and country. Depending on the country where you live the postage costs can be very expensive, therefore we recommend you check these costs at the checkout in the online shop before you confirm your order.

All countries outside of the EU are subject to customs charges, the charges applied will depend on the delivery country and the contents of the package.

I am ordering from outside of the UK, what currency will my credit card be charged in and how do I calculate the costs in my currency?

All transactions are charged in £ Sterling. Exchange rate fees (if any) are determined by your bank. To calculate an approximate cost of the order in your local currency, please click here for an exchange rate calculator.

Do you use Toothsoap yourself? From your own experience or from feedback you've received from customers does Toothsoap have any downsides?

Yes I use Toothsoap to clean my teeth twice a day, I wouldn't sell something that I didn't believe in or use myself. I had very sensitive teeth before switching to Toothsoap and within 2 days of using it my teeth were no longer sensitive.
I have sold many jars/bottles since i started selling Toothsoap and I have not had any negative feedback or complaints to date.
Some people have experienced a little staining on the teeth since using Toothsoap. This is not because of the Toothsoap itself; stains are dependent on what you eat and there are some foods that will stain your teeth. Because Toothsoap is a natural product with no harmful whitening ingredients added staining is possible however with the added use of Tooth Brightener once a week stains on the teeth are not a problem.

What is the difference between Toothsoap Shreds & Liquid Toothsoap?

There is no difference in their ingredients, the obvious difference in that one is in liquid form and the other is shredded soap means that it is down to personal taste which you prefer; in my opinion the shreds have more of a likeness to soap in texture and a bit of a soapy taste, whereas the liquid has a pleasant minty or fruity taste and nothing else.
Both products have the same price but a bottle of Liquid Toothsoap lasts 4-6 weeks compared to Toothsoap Shreds which lasts 2-3 months.
Both do a great job of cleaning the teeth.

Which is easier to use; liquid Toothsoap or Toothsoap shreds?

They are both very easy to use. With the shreds you place a shred on your back teeth and bite down, then brush as you normally would. With the liquid you drop a few drops on the back teeth and again brush as normal.

I want to try your olives but don't know which ones to go for?

Although all the olives we sell are raw there are some differences in taste, texture and processing methods.
The unsalted black date olives which are our least conventional olive comes from Throuba olives but with no salt or additives whatsoever, they are meaty and are moist in texture, they have a bitter rich velvety taste.

The lightly salted Throuba olives, on the other hand, are what we like to call an inbetweener their taste is not as shocking as the unsalted olives, they have been dry cured and also have a meaty texture. Although salted they contain less then half the salt (1.8%) than standard cured olives (4.5%) there is little trace of salt in the taste because of the way they are processed and they are not bitter like other unsalted olives.

We also sell a marinated version of these wonderful black wrinkly olives for those that like flavoursome Thyme with their olives.

For those that enjoy traditional olives we now also stock Kalamata olives, Mammoth Blond/Green olives and marinated Blond/Green olives, all of which are more conventional in the way they have been processed and their taste.

Why do your unsalted olives still contain sodium if they are unsalted?

All olives naturally contain sodium, the amount of sodium is largely down to the type of olive.

How should I store my olives once they have been opened and how long with they last once opened?

Once you have opened your olives it is advised that you store them in an air tight container in the fridge, like this they will last a week or so. Don't be put off if the olive oil solidifies and turns white in colour. If kept out of the fridge for a short time this will become liquid again and will return its original colour. If your olives are in brine they will last for atleast a month as long as you make sure the olives are coated in water so no oxygen can get to them, add more water if you need to.

Are your dried tomatoes unsalted?

Our tomatoes are free from oil however they do contain trace amounts of salt which means our supplier does not legally need to list salt in their ingredients list. We like to fully inform our customers so we do not advertise them as unsalted. The tomatoes contain 0.6g of salt per 100g which is very low compared to 3.5g found in other dried tomatoes.