How it all Started

Gina Panayi serving authentic raw greek food

As author of The Raw Greek raw food recipe book and advocate for healthy eating my passion for food goes far deeper than just what tastes good.  As seeker of nutritious delicious Earth foods I have been fortunate enough to discover some of the most incredible natural and authentic foods Greece has to offer.

Born in London to Greek Cypriot parents my deep founded love for Greek food has pretty much been in place since birth.

Combined with an early interest in health and nutrition in 2004 I propelled myself into the realms and ideals of raw food.  Whilst discovering a world away from cooked food I spent my free time networking and volunteering to help with anything food related, I even had the chance to work in the kitchen of well-known Gourmet Chef Chad Sarno on several occasions. 

The Raw Greek concept manifested through a combination of working in raw food kitchens and organic farms and trips back to Greece and Cyprus, the lands of my ancestors.  In 2005 I published my book The Raw Greek; a beautiful simple collection of Greek recipes built on fresh raw ingredients.   

Since publishing The Raw Greek I moved to Arta a small agricultural town in Greece where I married a local orange farmer and started a family.  In Arta with the support of my husband my passion and persistence for food and all things close to nature led me on a profound journey through Greece where I poked, nudged and asked locals across the country where the best foods are grown, dried and pressed into the products they can’t live without; foods their ancestors thrived on and built cities on and in-turn fed their children and their children’s children.

What was once a hobby and a passion has intensified into a mission to find and share the best products I can find. 

Working directly with single estate farms that grow, nourish and love their offerings The Raw Greek is now home to the finest raw olives, olive oils, honey, dried fruit, tomatoes and nuts naturally prepared using traditional methods without chemicals or additives.