Unsalted Dried Tomatoes

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Truly unsalted dried tomatoes are very difficult to find.  Fortunately we were able to make a special request with our trusty tomato supplier and can now offer these delicious dried tomatoes with no salt added whatsoever.

The real flavour of the dried tomatoes is free to shine, and believe you me it does.

Although some people may prefer a salty dried tomato we think there is no need.  

These tomatoes are so delicious as they are; why mess with nature?

*Although no salt has been added during drying or processing tomatoes do naturally contain sodium, therefore if your taste-buds are sensitive to salty tastes you may taste a hint of saltiness. 

Our dried tomatoes are dried at very low moderate temperatures using geothermal energy: a renewable energy source found 300 metres below the Earth's surface.

This sustainable procedure protects the fundamental characteristics of the tomatoes, preserving their lycopene content, deep red colour, intense aroma and genuine flavour.

The tomatoes are soft and smooth with a beautiful full tomato flavour.  
No need for pre-soaking, just open the bag and indulge.

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