Pure Honeydew Honey - 454g

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Our honeys come from the purest honey available. We searched hard to find such a fine quality honey from a beekeeper who follows the same ideals we do.   

Greece has more beehives per acre than any other country in Europe and Greek honey is considered to be some of the finest honey in the world. This is largely due to the rich variety of Greek flora and unlimited summer sun.

Honeydew honey is a dark coloured honey that has a rich buttery taste and a thick syrupy texture.

This honey comes from the Fir trees in the mountainous region of Northern Greece. It is not heated or pasteurised, neither is it filtered ensuring all the enzymes are in tact and traces of nutrient rich bee pollen are not removed. The bees are well cared for and are only fed honey: no sugar or syrup.

This highly prized honey is higher in minerals and amino acids than blossom honey and there has been some research that indicates that honeydew honey also has higher than average antibiotic properties.

Honeydew honey or Forest honey is a type of honey made—not from blossom nectar—but from honeydew produced by aphids. It is often produced from trees such as pine trees and fir trees. It is dark in colour and has a buttery syrupy flavour, it is of the few honeys that hardly ever crystallises, its thick runny texture often remains the same throughout it's shelf life.

*Any honey labelled with the term 'blend' is generally mixed with added sweeteners such as sugar and corn syrup. This is very deceiving to the consumer.  Our honey is a pure honey from a single estate bee keeper.

*Not suitable for children under 12 months of age.

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