Greek Mountain Tea

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If you are a fan of tea then Mountain Tea is a must try.

Mountain tea is also known as Tsai Tou Vounou, Malotira or Shepherds Tea in Greece and comes from the dried leaves, flowers and stalks of the Sideritis syriaca (ironwort) plant.

Mountain tea is hugely popular in Greece and has a mild aromatic taste with slight citrusy undertones.  The health benefits of this wild, natural tea are very well known and in Greece it is used to treat a whole host of ailments, such as aiding digestion, strengthening the immune system, suppressing colds, flu and other viruses, allergies, shortness of breath, sinus congestion and even pain and mild anxiety.  It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever.

Our mountain tea is grown at an altitude of over 1000m above sea level in the rocky mountains of Northern Greece where apart from the tea hand pickers themselves is pretty much untouched by man.  This hardy flowering perennial can survive with little water and little soil.  The tea is picked in late spring to summer when the tea is in full bloom and then gently dried before it is ready for brewing and drinking. 

Because of the nature of where this tea grows it is naturally free of any artificial ingredients, colourings or flavourings, and is not subject to any forced or inorganic farming techniques.

To prepare: Boil the stems, leaves and flowers in water on the hob for five minutes, or brew in a cup or teapot of hot water for five minutes.  Either drink it as it is or sweeten with honey, add a slice of lemon or a stick of cinnamon for different variations.  


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