Black Kalamata Olives - Sparta

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Black Kalamata olives from Sparta Greece are our personal favourite. These olives are produced in Greece using traditional methods of curing the olives in brine. They are then packaged with a little olive oil and vinegar in order to preserve the olives and nothing else.
Although our unsalted and lightly salted olives are a top seller we know that there are people out there who prefer the taste of cured olives as found in the supermarkets.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is if all jarred olives are raw. The answer to this is 'NO' in most cases. A lot of jarred/tinned olives are pasteurised and often lye (a caustic chemical used in some cleaning products) is used to speed up the curing process. Because Lye is used to cure the olives and thus rinsed away there is no reason for olive companies to list it as an ingredients therefore sadly we would never know one way or another just by looking at the packet and tasting the olives.

Like most of our products we have taken our time to hunt around for good quality cured olives which fit our requests of being cured in the traditional way without lye and heating and that taste amazing.

Thus we bring you these lovely Kalamata, perfect as a snack added to salads or pitted and mixed into sauces or dips.


  • Olives
  • Brine
  • Lactic Acid (a natural bi-product of the olive curing process)
  • Natural Vinegar
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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