Organic Unsalted Kalamata Olives 250g

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The Kalamata Olive is native to Greece and world renowned for its deep purple colour and almond shape; quite unique from most other olives around the world.  

These single estate olives are carefully hand harvested when they are fully ripe and are rich in colour and flavour.  The olives are then washed well and left to soak in several changes of pure water to release the natural bitterness of the olives.  The final step is a coating of olive oil and then the olives are packaged and ready for consumption.

Unsalted olives are somewhat different to their common salty relatives and can come as quite a shock to the taste buds, however their full bodied flavour, like that of a strong olive oil is quite addictive and the olives are moreish to say the least.

The unsalted kalamata olives are unpasteurised, contain no chemicals such as lye or caustic soda, no vinegars or any other flavour enhancers.  All you'll find in the bag is olives and olive oil.

Certified Organic by Dio Greece - ΕΛ-01-ΒΙΟ ΕΚ 834/2007

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