Organic Throuba Olives 1.8% Salt (AKA Lightly Salted Throuba Olives)

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The Raw Greek Organic Throuba Olives 1.8% are proudly amongst The Great Taste 1 star winners of 2016.

Great Taste values taste above all else, with no regard for branding and packaging.  All entries are blind tasted by some of the 500 refined palates on the judge’s panel. Judges include food critics, chefs and cooks, restaurateurs, food writers, journalists and food buyers for Harrods, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols.

Judges commented that our Organic Throuba Olives 1.8% are "Attractive shiny and quite wrinkled in appearance, the flavour is remarkable, very long lasting and intense. The texture is creamy and soft."

Of the first products we introduced to the UK marketplace we are very proud of our Organic Throuba Olives 1.8% Salt. These innovative and unique olives contain half the salt of regular olives therefore they have an intense olive flavour without the overpowering salt.  Naturally rich in nutritious olive oil is what gives them their smooth, creamy and shiny texture.

It is such an honour to be rewarded by the The Great Taste judges who are all acclaimed professionals in the food industry.

We are absolutely delighted with the results and positive feedback.

These olives are so delicious it is hard to believe that they have not been heat treated at all. The method used for producing Throuba olives is quite unique to the type of olive. Unlike most olives produced in Greece and around Europe Throuba Olives have not been cured in a salt water brine for long periods of time, this is what causes the olives to absorb salt. Olives processed in the normal salt water way contain around 4.5% salt our Lightly Salted Throuba Olives contain 1.8% salt, less then half!

On the island of Thassos where the Throuba olive comes from the traditional dry curing method of debitteration continues to be used centuries down the line.

The Throuba olive ripens while still on the tree thanks to Phoma Oleae a natural safe fungus, it has a bittersweet taste and can be eaten straight from the tree. The olives are picked when ripe and black in colour, they are washed in mountain spring water that comes from the nearby mountain village of Kazaviti. Following a fine selection process whereby the best olives are selected the olives are then layered in large tanks with untreated Sea salt which enables the water and bitter taste to be drawn out. Olives absorb water and if there is salt in that water they will absorb that too. In the Throuba process the water that the olives naturally release is drained, which means the olives are not sitting in their own water, therefore not absorbing the water or excess salt, yielding an olive with minimum salt and excess taste. The olives are then rinsed in spring water again before being lightly coated in cold pressed sunflower oil and packed in bags for minimum postage costs.

These olives are blacker than black and meaty in texture these olives are very rich in olive oil, the richest of all the olives produced in Greece. Their taste is sensational I am so pleased to have discovered them and to have the opportunity to share them with you.


  • Throuba Olives
  • Salt 1.8%
  • Sunflower Oil 2%

PDO = Protected Designation of Origin

Certified Organic by Bio Hellas

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