March 24, 2015


From Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan

Welcome to the 'NEW' Raw Greek website.

Out with the old and in with the new, and what better time to do it then at the beginning of spring, definitely our favourite time of the year when flowers are blossoming and the birds are singing.  

We like to think of our new website as a beautiful swan.  We've transformed from hiding in the reeds as a fluffy round the edges ugly duckling to an elegant, graceful and beautiful swan proud to be seen.  

If you are finding your way to us for the first time welcome to The Raw Greek, don't forget to check out our blog, recipes and most of all our wonderful products.  

To all of our faithful customers; welcome back, I hope our better layout with easier navigation helps you to find everything you are looking for and more. 

Don't worry we are still the same beneath the surface, we stock the same fantastic products and our prices are stable and competitive and its still little ol' me pushing the buttons.  

Enjoy browsing and give us a shout if you have any feedback or questions.

Lots of Love