September 18, 2015


New WrinkAlign patches available

We can all get a little stressed and down from time to time and our foreheads pay the price. I've been more aware of my frowning frequency since getting hold of these.  

I have a high frown frequency!!  

So I am very keen to put WrinkAlign Forehead Liners to the test.

If Tonya Zavasta from Beautiful on Raw is backing them then I know they will be a hit.  

WrinkAlign Hydrogel Facial Liners are designed to be worn on the forehead to smooth wrinkles.

They can be used day or night and are comfortable, easy to remove and safer then other invasive procedures. 

WrinkAlign Forehead Liners £9.00 for a pack of 10

August 21, 2015


Back to Business

Sadly our holiday had to end sometime. But we've had an incredible time and have definitely recharged the batteries. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here at The Raw Greek HQ.

It wasn't all play though, we also made some great new contacts and have some amazing new products on their way to the UK that we just can't wait to share with you.

Watch this space to find out what tasties are coming your way.


August 06, 2015


Holiday Closing Dates

We are shutting shop!!!

...for the next 2 weeks that is.

We've decided to take a summer holiday so that everyone at The Raw Greek can take a well deserved break.

In that time we will be recharging our batteries, ready for some serious work in September.

Orders can still be placed during this time however any orders made between the 7th to the 23rd August will be dispatched on the 24th August.

We wish everyone a fabulous summer.  And look forward to seeing you all in September.


May 30, 2015


Just V Show - 3rd - 5th July 2015

We are soooo excited to be exhibiting at this years Just V Show from the 3rd to the 5th July.

Are you Vegan, Vegetarian or reducing your meat intake?

If so you wont want to miss this 3 day Veggie Heaven event where producers and suppliers of all things Vegan/Vegetarian will all be under one roof.

And to top it all off it is free to get in if you use this free ticket URL beforehand. Don't miss out!!!

Just V Show - Free Ticket Link

May 08, 2015


Now trading at the Slow Foods Market every Sunday

If you are in or around the London area and are keen to try before you buy you can now find us with all our products at the Slow Foods Market in London Holborn.  The market takes place every Sunday from 10am to 3.30pm and can be found in the Courtyard of the beautiful Rosewood Hotel, 2 minutes from Holborn Tube Station.  

Click here for more details:

The Rosewood Hotel

Slow Foods Market every Sunday

May 04, 2015


Happy Birthday to me.....

Its my Birthday, Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Well actually it was yesterday but we like to celebrate for as long as possible ;-)

Desperately trying to forget about age and all the negative things people put on birthdays this year I have chosen to concentrate on good company; friends new and old, family and loved ones.  

When hanging out with my favourite people in the world laughter is abundant and age is not important. Afterall it is the memories and experiences in our lives that mould us, and for that I am grateful.

This year to mark this wonderful occasion I have created my own take on a popular cocktail; minus the alcohol.

And to honour my 'Uhum' years on this planet I have named it after yours truly....

'Gina Colada' is a blend of fruit and almond milk with a green twist.

Check it out here

May 01, 2015


30% off all Dried Tomato Products

Yep you read that right.  We have knocked off a whopping 30% from all our dried tomato products, that includes:

Cherry tomatoes - All sizes

Cherry tomatoes in Sunflower Oil

Dried Tomatoes - All sizes

Dried Tomatoes in Sunflower Oil - All sizes

Our dried tomatoes are no standard tomatoes, they are dried at low temperatures and contain minimal salt.  They are soft (no need for pre-soaking) and delicious.

Don't miss out, offer valid while stocks last.