It's official we are tasty!!!

Amazing news!!!

Our products were tasted and judged by some of the most highly acclaimed foodies on the The Great Taste Awards panel.


Our beautiful Organic Dried Figs were given a whopping 

2 STARS!!!!!!


Our tasty Organic Throuba Olives 1.8% Salt were awarded

1 STAR!!!!

I am overwhelmed with pride and joy,  feel like a proud mamma whose babies have just past their exams!

This is what they said:

"Beautifully soft and moist with the wonderful crunch of seeds. Great moisture, a wonderful muscovado deep sweet hit."
Organic Dried Figs

Dried Figs

"Attractive shiny and quite wrinkled in appearance, the flavour is remarkable, very long lasting and intense. The texture is creamy and soft."
Organic Throuba Olives 1.8% Salt

Throuba Olives



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