Our 5 day Juice Detox

I’ve done many different detoxes, fasts and cleanses and I like them all for 1 reason or another. 

This year I had an ulterior motif for detoxing and this was to help my husband with some underlying health problems he’s been having.

With a wealth of information available and many different plans, ways and ideas to choose from, we felt a little overwhelmed.  Therefore we chose to do Jason Vale’s The Juice Master Diet - 7llbs in 7 days.  Persuading my husband to come along for the ride is an incredible feat because he has never attempted anything like this before and never shown an interest when I’ve done similar in the past.  The reason for the Juice Master plan is because I know all the juices are nice even though they all contain some greens, which can be too much for those less adventurous.  Plus 7 days is not too long and very doable.  I felt this was a good plan as a gentle start for hubbie dearest who has never cleansed his body. 

Reasons for doing a detox:

The main reason for this detox is because of Panos health – my husband hasn’t exactly lead the healthiest of lifestyles, he is a smoker, an alcohol and coffee drinker and an all food eater, in other words he eats everything; meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods and anything else that is put in front of him.  Admittedly since being married to me his eating habits have improved; instead of thinking:

“I’ll die if I don’t eat meat every day”

He now appreciates that it isn’t healthy nor needed every day and has cut back drastically to once or twice a week.  He has also reduced his alcohol intake to special occasions and drinks green smoothies and juices whenever I am in a good mood and make him one ;-)

What has prompted him to participate is the fact that he is now 40 years old and has been night sweating almost every night for the past 2 years.  Although medically they can’t find anything wrong with him we can’t quite put our finger on the reason therefore we figured that juicing for a few days couldn’t do any harm.

Jason Vale’s The Juice Master Diet - 7llbs in 7 days is a juice fast and consists of 5 juices a day, and if you have a good juicer that extracts the maximum juice from your produce you should get about 500ml of juice per serving. You are also allowed herbal teas and are encouraged to exercise.

So here is the daily breakdown of how we did and how we felt:

Day 1

I felt hungry today and got quite overwhelmed with the amount of juicing required.  This is because not only am I making double so there is enough for both of us, I also decided to make the whole days juices in one sitting and the following days breakfast juice too.  It took me about 2 hours to prepare, juice and clear up afterwards.  This may not be the most nutritious because it has been said that juice oxidises and loses nutrients the longer you wait to drink it, however, if I am not prepared, I know me, I will quickly lose motivation and give up. 

I’m Greek so it’s in my blood to leave everything to the last minute.By the end of the day I had a splitting headache, which might be because I didn't have the first juice till 12noon due to the fact I needed to shop for the ingredients in the morning.  You might agree that I was a little unorganised, but hey ho, that’s just me.

It really felt weird not eating anything, and I felt at a loss in the evening when I'm usually reaching for a snack. I also had to cook for the children and my father in-law (FIL) I care for and also lives with us, this felt like torture.  Preparing a meal that you are not going to eat is horrible when you are hungry.  I wasn’t even able to eat the children’s leftovers (probably a good thing). 

My will power to stick to the rules surprised me somewhat.

Shockingly Panos dealt with the juices and lack of food much better than me. 

He didn’t complain about being hungry or the taste of anything.  I think he is familiar with the taste of green juices and secondly he isn’t one to eat a lot on the best of days.  He usually starts his day with a coffee and doesn’t eat anything until after 2pm.

Day 2

I didn't sleep well last night, I woke up several times feeling terrible, I had a runny nose throughout the night and woke up with bright yellow boogers. Plus I woke up with the same headache I fell sleep with!

On a good note I did drop 3 pounds on the first day. Woo hoo, this is an incentive to continue.

By the afternoon the headache thankfully disappeared and I started to feel better. I Still felt hungry at times but kept myself busy, it wasn't so hard making all the juices today, I made today's and the following days morning juice in the afternoon and had everything washed and tidy before the kids came home from school. Plus I didn't need to cook as there were plenty of leftovers for FIL.

I’ve needed to go to bed early both nights because:

  1. I'm shattered from working too hard
  2. I think it helps me not to think about food
  3. I know plenty of sleep is important to ones health but there really aren’t enough hours in the day to get 8 hours of sleep in too.
  4. I came on my period on the first day of the juice fast, but didn’t want to postpone because I’ve committed to this week and want to follow through.

Panos had a headache this evening, which made me feel bad for him, I told him to drink more water and get some rest.  He is doing much better than I expected, which makes me a very proud wifey J

Day 3.

I woke up feeling good, no headache and no yellow boogers.

The most amazing result after 3 days of juicing is that Panos didn't sweat in his sleep!!!

Although I half expected this to happen it was quite a nice surprise and equally nice to have a cuddle in the night and not wake up feeling wet myself from his sweaty arm around my waist.

OMG this is incredible!!!

I had the first 2 juices made and sorted from the day before. Got home from work to make the third and evening juices. The 3rd juice had yogurt and banana in it so I was really salivating when making it, it took a lot of will power not to eat the yogurt straight up. The juice was nice to begin with but became bitter soon after, not sure if this is because I used coconut yogurt.  Panos wouldn’t drink this juice because he had put it in the fridge for later and didn’t drink it straight away.

Day 4

I had to go shopping before making today’s morning juices and I walked around the fruit aisle longingly looking at the fruit. I wasn't even bothered about the sugary crap I just wanted to eat satsumas and oranges.  I miss crunching and chewing L

I got home from picking up the children from school and had to cook for FIL and kids again plus make my last juice. It was 7ish by the time I sat down and my back and knees were killing me. I feel tired now,

I’ve subconsciously decided to stop juicing after 5 days instead of continue for the whole 7.  I feel like the weekend will be hard when routine is out of the window and I think Panos will agree.

I got into bed at 9.30 aching and exhausted.

Day 5

Boogers are back. Woke up at 5am before alarm and felt quite alert, but went back to sleep for 30mins anyway.

Feeling OK, not that hungry yet and starting to wonder what to break the fast with on Saturday morning.  I’m also very impressed with Panos, he is looking healthier and the puffy eyes he has in the morning are no more.  Plus the night sweats have disappeared. 

I feel somewhat motivated to make some positive changes in our day to day lives and am now wondering how to keep Panos on track. I don’t want him to go back to night sweating again,  Perhaps he should go vegan and see what happens. I’m thinking he should give up coffee, sweeteners and sugar maybe and possibly all processed carbs.  In other words sticking to a wholefoods vegan diet could be a solution.  I am not sure how he will take this idea.  He’ll probably agree to it in principle if I make him all his meals everyday and then as soon as temptation is put in front of him he’ll give up.  

I really want to eat some food.  I want to crunch something, my mouth feels filmy and fuzzy at times. Not necessarily hungry I just want that chewing sensation. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

For an idea of a juice from the Juice Master Click here for the recipe for Jason Vale's Turbo Express Smoothie, which features heavily in the 7 day plan.

Day 6

I broke the fast with some apple and banana mainly because I got caught out and that was the only healthy thing available. But since then have been sticking to wholefoods, no sugar and no caffeine. Been eating lots of dry figs and raisins though, obviously craving the sugar.

Panos got through the 5 days but I could see he lost motivation towards the end and only carried on for me. He kept asking if he could have a coffee or eat some oats.  He was back on the dairy before Saturday night was up.  And low and behold 2 days later he started night sweating again.  Grrrrr.  On Saturday he was absolutely famished and eating everything and anything in sight.

Me on the other hand, I was extremely thirsty after breaking the fast, I guess this is due to adding salt to my food.

I have never drunk so much water in such a small amount of time.

Since breaking the fast everything tastes so good.  Even foods that I wasn’t even that keen on tastes amazing.  And I’m making more of an effort to sit and enjoy my meal rather than wolf it down.

I feel massively healthier and better for detoxing my body.  I am not craving sugar and want to continue on a wholefoods diet for as long as possible.

Panos on the other hand didn’t want to listen to my advice about introducing certain food groups slowly to give us a chance to pin-point the sweaty night culprit.  Which is a shame, however we know he has the inner strength to have nothing but fresh juices for 5 days, and therefore with a bit of persuasion I think I can talk him round.

Was the detox a waste of time?

No, not at all

If anything it showed us both that it is definitely doable and that we both have the will power to do it.  It also showed us that healthy eating can get results quickly and you really do look and feel healthier when you cut out the crap and eat/drink healthily.

It has shown us that Panos night sweats may be diet related and gives us some scope to experiment with dairy free/gluten free or sugar free diets in the future.

If anybody has any experience or ideas for dealing with night sweats and treating them I would love to hear from you.

I hope my account has offered some insight and maybe a small amount of inspiration.

*I believe detoxing once a year is a great idea, but please do seek professional help before partaking in any cleanse, detox or extreme changes to your diet.

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