Are you a Compulsive Hoarder

With limited technology on holiday I used the free time to clear away the cobwebs and clutter from my motherinlaws house who sadly past away 5 years ago.  In the nicest way possible she was a COMPULSIVE HOARDER of all manner of things, aside from the usual clothes, kitchenware and ornaments she also hoarded plastic bags, empty medicine boxes, bills from 20 years ago and old broken Christmas decorations.  The house has pretty much been untouched since her death and although it was a laborious and emotional chore it felt good to let go. 

It also prompted me to go through my own cupboards and drawers and I discovered that I too am a Compulsive hoarder Duh Duh Duuuhhhhh.   Some might even go as far as to say that I'm a bit weird.

I have a habit of saving the packets of my favourite raw snacks/crackers and chocolate.  And aside from the million recipe books filling my shelves I also have folders full of magazine cutouts of recipes I like the look of.  Some I've tried and others I've forgotten about. 

Clearly I am a massive foodie and I love anything to do with eating.  Experimenting and hanging out in my kitchen with different foods and techniques is where you'll find me in my little free time.  Some recipes are successful and others not so successful.  

It might come as no surprise that I have also collected and hoarded a truck load of kitchen equipment, some of which doesn’t even work.  

I even found 2 mandolins in my kitchen in Greece (*a kitchen utensil for slicing vegetables thinly) and 2 cool olive tupperware pots.  In fact I brought the doubles back to England with me, I’ve already put my olive pot to good use and have tons of recipe ideas for the mandolin so watch out for those in my upcoming newsletters.

De-junking is a pain and time consuming but my motto is out with old and in with the new. 

The questions I have to repeatedly ask myself when I’m clearing out are:

  • Do I love it or need it
  • Have I worn it in the last year?

What this task has also taught me is to think twice before I buy another pair of jeans or another coat.  Do I really need 10 pairs of jeans hanging in my wardrobe?  The answer is probably not.

So, this summer a lot of my old belongings have found new homes been sold online or at car boot sales or given to charity.

Not only do I feel lighter and more organised but shifting the clutter is better for my health because I’m no longer frustrated every time I open the cupboard and find there is no space to store anything more, or I can’t find what I am looking for or worse still toys/clothes jump out at me from the sheer amount of stuff I have in there. 

Shifting the goods shifts the emotional attachment we have to our belongings and frees us to make way for new opportunities in life.

Try it you might like it.  You don’t need to clear your whole house in 1 day, do a room a week or a drawer a day whatever suits you.

Get shifting!

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