Are you a Pig, a Cow or a Rabbit

There are so many things that determine why and how much we eat, The chinese in Ayurveric medicine believe it is to do with body shape, others believe we have emotions attached to our food engrained in us from a young age and I am sure there is an element of nurture and nature also involved, and how we have grown up eating and our individual personalities.  

I have come up with my own theory behind how we eat and have compared them to 3 very well-known animals.  

I myself am the type of person who loves all food, within the vegan realms I’ll eat anything and everything if it is left in front of me long enough. 

In other words I am indeed a ‘PIG’

Pigs eat everything and anything until so full the only way to get through the bloatedness is to roll around in the mud.  Whilst I may not roll around in the mud too often I have been known to roll around on the sofa so bloated I can’t move.It sounds insane to actually say that out loud but my relationship with food and my eating habits resemble those of a ‘PIG’.  

I spend a large portion of the day thinking about what my next meal/snack will be and I know only too well the consequences of this obsessive love affair with food and have spent many years yo-yoing in weight, going from ‘allfoodist’ to ‘vegan’ to ‘rawfoodist’ and back again and ending up somewhere in between with a balanced 3 meals a day with the odd snack (most days).

However it has been a long hard journey and I still can’t help but envy those who eat all the wrong things all day and don’t gain a simple lb. 

It’s just NOT FAIR!!!

How do some people eat chips and cake all day and remain slim?

I recently had an ‘Aha’ moment when I realised that those lucky ‘naturally slim’ people (and I say that loosely) don’t actually eat rubbish all day I have come to realise that they tend to be very energetic people who are always on the go and when they do stop to eat they eat the worst things e.g. cakes, crisps, chips, chocolate, but what most of us don’t know is that they probably haven’t eaten all day.  Or they may eat their whole weeks calories in one sitting and little else for the rest of the day/week.    

I take great pleasure in saying that they are a bunch of ‘COWs’


It has been said that Cows In order to get as big as they are, eat all day long. That’s all they do, all they think of, they exist to eat!

Quite similar to the pig you might say.  Well my take on that is that a cow actually eats a large concentration of calories in one sitting and not much else the rest of the day. Granted that sitting might consist of a goof few hours worth of grazing but in hindsight it is only 1 meal per day, lets face it how much grass can you actually eat?  Therefore I am sticking to my theory that slim people who only eat once a day are all COWs.

And then there are the sensible people who maintain 3 meals a day with little or no snacking, again very frustrating to me who thinks about food every second of the day and has to have huge self-control to stop me raiding the fridge.

These well balanced people are what I would call ‘RABBITs’


Cute little fluffy rabbits who don’t bother anyone.  When we say someone eats like a rabbit we are generally referring to the fact that they eat a lot of vegetables as a rabbits diet should predominantly be vegetables however my research tells me that rabbits naturally eat 2 good meals a day, mainly at the same time of day; dawn and dusk.

Therefore my idea of a rabbit closely fits that of the ‘three balanced meals a day at the same time of day every day’ type of person. 

You all know who you are and which theoretic animal you are.  I hold my hands up to the fact that I am a Pig, always have been and probably always will be.  What animal are you?

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