Back to Raw food - Step Three

Now a month into my ‘change is good’ efforts; How am I doing? Very well considering, it would be very easy for me to make bad food choices and blame it on lack of time but this time I feel I am taking my life by the horns and making conscious choices.

My next move was introducing a raw lunch, I have told myself that this is flexible and should I get stuck and not be able to keep it up it is ok. I don’t want to have a bad day and turn it into a downward spiral back to bad choices.

I have discovered the health food store closest to my work and stumbled across Laura's raw salads with sprouts quite reasonably priced for £2.39. After a few days of buying these salads I decided I could probably make myself a better salad for less money but unfortunately I am not organised enough in the mornings to make this from home. I have found a compromise that has been working for the last few days. I have started grabbing readymixed bags of basic salads leaves from the supermarket and adding fresh sprouts (bought for now) an avocado or raw seeds and a dressing of some sort; for an easy, quick dressing mash an avocado or use a tablespoon of raw tahini add some lemon juice and sea salt, pour over your salad and enjoy. This method of preparing lunches whilst at work is cheaper than buying readymade salads and I can be more creative, in turn keeping me motivated.

For less than a fiver a day I am able to have a fresh juice with extra superfoods, and a healthy filling salad some fruit and the occasional raw food snack, this is less then what some might pay for a fancy sandwich and a coffee. These changes are what I can cope for now, but I’m pleased with my progress and have plans to move on and up. It has taken me a month to make 3 small changes that anyone can easily make because they are not time taxing or expensive.  How long it takes others to get this far depends on the individual. Small steps can be made every month, once a week or daily, and once comfortable with the first change more can be added.

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