Why Flaxseeds are the Main Ingredient in Raw Crackers

Last Monday morning I set out to make raw crackers, I had a ton of vegetables in my fridge that needed to be eaten so I planned on using some peppers, tomatoes, spinach and carrots. However when it came to soaking the flaxseeds the night before I realised I didn’t actually have any, so I soaked a cup of almonds instead. I threw the soaked almonds into my food processor with the vegetables and pulverised the lot to a thick smooth paste.  For good measure i added a handful of sprouted lentils to the mix too.
For flavour I added spices such as cumin, paprika and dry mixed herbs, oregano and fresh parsley. The mixture tasted delicious.
I spread it thickly onto 2 dehydrator trays and waited patiently for many hours for my crackers to dehydrate to perfection. Because I am very impatient I couldn't resist taking a peak at the crackers 6 hours into their drying time but to my disappointment as the crackers started to dry out I noticed they had shrunk substantially and I now had very thin crackers.  6 hours later when I figured enough was enough and they should be ready by now I was even more disappointed to find that there were holes in my crackers that weren’t there before.
Instead of thick crackers for adding fillings to I ended up with very thin vegetable crisps.  Regardless of having to change the way I had planned to eat my cracker they were actually quite tasty and i ate them on their own as a crispy snack.  
So why do I think flaxseeds are important to a raw cracker?
Flaxseeds when soaked expand and turn their soak water into a jelly type texture and I guess when added to a flax cracker mix is what holds the crackers together when they are dried.
I conclude that next time I make crackers I will make sure I have flaxseeds to hand, failing that I will use double the quantity of soaked nuts and perhaps use carrot pulp instead of whole carrot which should reduce the water content of the mixture.  
Fingers crossed my crackers are successful next time.

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