Back to Raw food - A Step at a Time

It’s no secret that I’ve fallen off the Raw food wagon more than once, I used to be ashamed of this, but since overcoming some hurdles and sharing my difficulties I’ve met many others who have also found themselves in this position and have yet to find a way to successfully get back on the right path.  Over the years my circumstances have changed which meant my free time is now limited; what worked for me 10 years ago is no longer possible.  Now that I have overcome some blockages regarding change I can use those past bad experiences to help me make the right future ones.   By sharing my experiences I can help others to achieve their own raw food goals.

Working a full time job while raising a family has made me appreciate every minute of every day, and means I have to be super organised to achieve everything I want in my busy day. 

Sometimes the thought of eliminating a food that we really like makes us want it more so I figure that if eliminating something sounds too intimidating perhaps I should switch things around and instead of concentrating on elimination I should concentrate on addition. 

First up: Breakfast.  For the most part I have never made time for breakfast, I skip it all together most days and just hope I make it to lunch without picking at something.  Therefore I have decided that to start with I will re-instate breakfast to my routine and make it an easy, healthy choice. 

Kiki Superfoods Powder I have started grabbing a fresh OJ from the street vendor outside Russell Square station (where I’ve been working) and adding a teaspoon of Kiki superfoods powder.  This way I can start my day on a good note, the combination of juice and a superfood powder adds a multitude of nutrients to my juice and day.  

Consequently I already feel that this small change is enouraging me to make better food choices.  I plan to let this change sink into my routine and mindset and when I am ready make another small change. 

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